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Sanscorp Sand Products


Sanscorp river sand has an excellent sub angular shape and structure for free draining properties

It is used in the construction industry for settling ponds and as a filter sand for applications that require environmental specifications for water run-off. Sanscorp river sand has a very uniform gradation which makes it ideal as a grass growing medium and for the construction and maintenance of turf and sports fields. The light weight factor of the river sand makes it ideal for preload applications. It also makes a superb sub-base for roads and parking lots. Sanscorp river sand is silt free and does not support microbes. It is washed at 3000 gallons per minute.

Sanscorp Products Ltd. provides a service of periodic maintenance dredging of the Langley Bar to -6.0LLW. for the essential safe navigation of vessel traffic, at no cost to the government.

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Sanscorp offers a premium agriculture river sand product which is tumbled and rounded from the location of extraction in the Fraser River

Washed sand is totally clear of silt and has uses in filtration and settling systems, soil/sand blends, concrete mixes, sports fields and golf courses, agriculture and children’s play areas. Silt free sand is virtually bacteria free making it an ideal material for ground cover applications where people, pets or livestock are present.

"We have been using Sanscorp sand for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the consistency of the product ie; it is clean and free from any rocks or stones. The cows are clean and comfortable and the supply and delivery service is always good."
Chris Huizing, Huizing Dairy Farm