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Sanscorp Sand Gravel Topsoil

About Sanscorp

Sanscorp provides high quality river sand and aggregate products

We are involved in the sustainable building up process of many communities locally throughout the Fraser Valley and internationally. Sanscorp has built a rock solid reputation because of the quality of our products, our commitment to our customers and our pursuit of new products and ideas to make our business stronger.


Consistency of product is critical to establishing and maintaining a long term relationship with customers

Sanscorp is proud of our ability to provide our full line of sand, gravel and topsoil products with little to no variation in the quality, size and material composition from month to month, year to year. Our customers know that they are getting the best product possible because we have the expertise and take the time to dredge, sift or mix what they need.

We have on the ground experts who know their products. We work with our customers to provide the best solutions to their sand, gravel and topsoil needs, whether the project is a small garden or a construction site. Every customer matters to us.

Our Facility

Our facility is located in Maple Ridge between 240th and 264th, just off the Lougheed Highway beside the Fraser River. We provide aggregate and soil products to our industrial partners, farming regions, landscapers' projects, local contractors, the Municipality of Maple Ridge and many others.

We dredge our river sand from the Fraser River, working with the Ministry of the Environment, Fraser River Port Authority and the Provincial and Federal government regulatory bodies to ensure that the fisheries are unaffected and that the navigation channel is properly maintained. This Fraser River sand is some of the best sand in the world due to its unique filtering capabilities and is becoming increasingly more popular with businesses (local and long distance), municipalities and recreational companies.


Our River Sand

Because we dredge our sand from the Fraser River it is unique as it contains no sediment. Our specialty river sand is recommended by the District of Maple Ridge for environmental filtration. It is used at job sites, in settling ponds and in perimeter drains. We also use the river sand in our custom soil blends, creating soil products that are in use on golf courses, agricultural applications, landscaping projects and by homeowners. Our turf blend is perfect for our climate as it can be used even in the rain, for building and repairing lawns.

All Sanscorp products are in demand in and around the Lower Mainland because of their consistency and high quality. We are experts in helping you to find the best product for your project and we believe our involvement in making your dreams come to reality is an essential part to helping our business and community grow.

Indigenous & Community Relations Manager

At Sanscorp we are focused on building and maintaining positive relationships with our Community and we prioritize our Indigenous Community alliances.

“Our world is a precious one and I believe we need to pay gratitude for all things that our planet gives us. As a community we need to come together and support one another. Two major passions of mine are sustainability and diversity and I allow those to guide me in all facets of my relations.”

Community Relations Manager

Sanscorp in the Community

As part of our community commitment we were excited about the opportunity to provide the base products and our finest river sand for the Whonnock Lake park and play area. The lake brings families from all corners of the community together to enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of the surroundings. The play area is a place that will be enjoyed by youth for many years to come.

Every spring Sanscorp donates top soil to the intermediate and primary classes at Whonnock Elementary.

Sanscorp in the Community

"We have been working with Sanscorp for many years and can always rely on their to team to get us the products we need when we need them. We would not hesitate in recommending Sanscorp to other firms and customers."
Seann Fuller, Fuller Landscaping Inc.